Upright Posture Trainer – Perfect muscle trainer for upper and lower back

Upright Posture trainer as the name suggests is wearable posture trainer device for decreased back pain. Often at work or while we sit in desk we often slouch and our back is not in correct position. To this issue, upright helps you to use it as a training by attaching the device on your back with help of adhesive strip. Using upright 15-60 minutes of day will help you to train yourself for improved core strength, muscle memory and helps you maintain a lifelong good posture.

How to use?

Use the adhesive strip to attach the device on your upper or lower back.

How it works?

Once calibrated with the app , it accurately detects whenever you slouch with unique technology and vibrates so as you are reminded to sit upright ultimately training you to sit in a comfortable Upright position.

Android or IOS?

It is available for both android and Ios.

Pros of Upright:

  • Upright is very sensitive so a small change is also detected ultimately training you to stay in Upright position.
  • Upright is far better then wearing other belts as it involves training your muscles which is a life long effect.
  • Using Upright as suggested can bring effective results for your back and spine.

Cons of Upright:

  • Wearing Upright anytime during day isn’t feasible and adhesive wont work all day.
  • Wearing Upright with tight dress will be an issue.
  • You have to calibrate Upright every time you attach it to your body.

What is included in Upright Pack?             

It costs around $129.You can know the latest price by following the below link too.

Are you ready to own one and stay upright with this device. Buy one now here and get rid of your posture issue.

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