Top Best Hover Board/Smart Two Wheeler Electric Balance Scooters 2017 

Smart and Self balancing electric two wheelers is the very new thing in the techno market. Just imagine moving around for shopping, college or roaming in the park in the coolest device which operates through your body balancing. You may have seen some two wheelers scooter’s in the Sci-Fi movies and have dreamt of having it one day. Don’t worry we are here to help you fulfill your dreams.

These Two Wheeler are Eco friendly as they operate from clean energy sources and moves by pressing slightly by your feet and body balancing. Hover boards are fairly simple to use: You step on the hover board, balance yourself, lean forward to move forward, and lean backward to go in reverse. If you wish to turn right, you apply a bit more pressure with your right foot, and to turn left you apply pressure with your left foot. They weighs less than 25 pounds  which make them easily portable and moves approx. 15 miles with a full charge battery.

Some Key Features


Eco Friendly

Makes Travelling Enjoyable

Makes Work Fast and Easier

Cost Effective


1.Jetson Electric Gyro Self Balancing Scooter Turbo


The Jetson Electric Gyro sports a stylish design with LED lights that attracts every one’s attraction. jetsonIt uses gyroscope sensors to optimize self balancing. At only 24 pounds, you can easily carry it wherever you go. The optimized balancing mechanism makes it easy for you to learn how to ride it making it ideal for starters

When it comes to performance, this scooter is powered by a 2-hour rechargeable 3.9AH Samsung battery that can run the scooter for a distance of up to 10 miles and can hit speeds on up to 8mph. The major
strength of this scooter is the ease of learning. Roaming on the streets with the coolest machine drives everyone attention and makes us center of attraction which as human we loved (hahaha Human Nature).

 2. Jetson ESBT-V3 Electric Gyro Self Balancing Scooter turbo with Bluetooth Speakers

This scooter makes it attractive and attention grabbing because of its sleek design and flashy LED jetson2lights. The additional feature is Bluetooth speakers and can connect with any Bluetooth devices. Roaming in the streets with cool music via wireless headsets a new and unique way to enhance your personality.

It is powered with a powerful Samsung battery, it can go for a cool 13 miles per charge depending on the rider’s weight and can accommodate up to 220 pounds. This scooter can hit a maximum speed of 13mph making it among the fastest self balancing two-wheeled smart scooters.  Jetson has used innovative Gyro technology that senses riders foot commands for easy balancing and body’s posture for steering Handling.



3.Hover X Self balancing two wheeler with LED Lights

The Hover X has a strong body and rubber tires for smooth rides and most importantly, durability. hbxIt has a cool glossy color that complements the alloys and rubber tires. It is also easy to ride and
requires no assembly upon purchase. The LED lights come in handy when riding at night and also complements the scooter’s sleek design. It is available in a variety of colors so you can choose the one you want.

This scooter is powered by a 36V/4.4Ah battery that can steer it to speeds of up to 10mph. On full charge, it can go for 10 miles depending on the rider’s weight. With a climbing angle of 15 degrees, this scooter features among the top scooters with better handling.


  1. Power Board Hover Board

Power Board Hover is the original model of hover board and it is easy simple to learn. Normally powerhbother sets of hover Board models has 6 inches wheels which make the foot in the boarde closer to the ground. But this on is useful when getting off or on the Board.It has large footpads and very responsive pressure sensors which makes it easy to control and give direction with the ease.

It has 4400 mAh battery that can last for up to 6 hours on a full charge depending on the user weight, terrain and speed at which it is used. The maximum speed has been limited to 8 miles per hour for safety reasons and it comes with light indicators for when the battery runs low. The model includes a one year warranty and also has moderate Price line.

5. Razor Hovertrax Smart

Razor is a heard name in the technology market and Razor has one of best Hover Board. BRazor razorhbHovertrax is built from shatter-resistant polymer which makes it sturdiness and durable. It also features high quality aluminum hub wheels and rubber tires for smooth rides. For rider’s safety, it has an anti-slip foot platform. This scooter uses smart gyro sensor technology for optimized balancing and control. It has a battery power indicator and balance level indicator as well.

Razor Hovertrax has a 36V Lithium ion quick-charge battery that  can run the scooter for approximately 115 minutes. It can reach a maximum speed of 10kph when it is in good condition courtesy of the dual hub electric powerful motors. The Hovertrax has a load limit of 220 pounds.


6. Swagway X1 (Do not call it Hover Board)

Swagway x1 don’t call itself a Hover Board but calls self controlling two wheelers Scooter. It is one swagwaygbof powerful vehicle with multiple control modes. The biggest drawback is it gets scratched easily which makes it looks dirty and old sooner.
It has powerful Battery backup which range nearly 20 miles after a full charge. It has maximum speed limitation up to 10 miles/hr. Since Swagway is customer oriented brand so it comes up with a one year warranty if product is purchased or registered online. It comes up with variety of colors as per your choice.

Image Credit: Amazon Inc and Google Images

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