Top Best 4K LED Ultra HD TV for PS4, Xbox,Movies ,Gaming

Looking for TV under 500 or 1000 or ultra HD Tv for sale.Choose best price buy for money for ultra hd led or 4k tv. Best Value of money that you spend for TV. LCD, led,3d,hd, uhd,oled TV which to choose there is a lot of confusion while buying New TV sets. The technology is fast growing and advancing. Few decades ago Flatiron TV and LCD TV were ruling the market and now there is LED TV market with higher inches of screen and Ultra, 4K display. While buying TV we should consider is our choice future proof as we cannot afford to change our TV set time and again with slight advancement in technology of TV.

Many Top brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Philips, Toshiba etc have manufactured TV sets with claiming oneself best than others. As a consumer it hard to make a choice among so many brands and features and we worry is the product worth the price we expense. So we are here to help you make your decision, first learn, know and then buy.

Things you need to consider:
1. Brand                            2.Screen Resolution

3.Sound Quality             4.Picture Quality

5.Warranty                       6.Price


Top Best Choices on TV for 2017

  1. Sharp LC55UB30U 4K LED TV

Sharp LC 55UB30U 4K LED TVis one of cheaper 4K TV as compared to many other LED brands. It’s not that being cheap always has quality issues; this one is the best LED TV with best picture quality and amazing features.

Sharp LC 55UB30U 4K LED TV has Smart Central Browsing system which gives support if you are sharpaway from Set Up box. It has great connectivity options with built –in Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) , 4HDmi ports, 2 USB ports, a component port, a composite port, an Ethernet port and a Digital Optical Audio out Port. Sharp LC 55UB30U 4K LED TV is best choice to join in your entertainment system.

Sharp LC 55UB30U 4K LED TV has refresh rate of 60 Hz which is a bit low as compared to other 120 Hz TV which has better processing speed. Many sizes are available is the market ranging from 43- inch to 65- inch and price may slightly increased with the increase in screen size. It is one of the best choices LED TV in much affordable price.

Key Features:-

Screen Resolution: – 2170p, 4k Ultra HD

Refresh Rate: – 60 Hz weak, better to go with 120 Hz

Ultra 4K display

4 HDMI pots with much other connectivity options

Built In WI-FI

Best Image Quality

Affordable Price

Sharp TV ranges from 43 inch,50 inch, 55 inch to 65 inch with price of 529,699,690 to 1400$ respectively..

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2. Vizio M series 2015

Vizio M series 2015 is least expensive 4K TV that you can buy with good image quality. It has full array with local dimming facility that delivers best contrast and better deep black level display. It viziohas better color accuracy and better video processing. It comprises with 5 4K compatible HDMI input ports which enhances its connectivity options. Vizio M series 2015has Dual Band WI-FI (802.11ac) with many more apps. It has very well sound quality with ultra premium design that totally enhances your room interior design.

As compared to other expensive Samsung and Sony LED TV, Vizio M series 2015is much cheaper than them and has even better features and quality. If you are looking for experience 4K LED TV and have limited budget, Vizio M series 2015 is definitely for you.

Key Features:-

Screen Resolution: – 4K HD Display

Screen Shape: – Flat

Dual Band WI-FI with many more apps.

Refresh Rate: – 120 Hz

Full Array Local Dimming

Five 4K HDMI cable ports

Better Picture Quality

Much lesser Price

Price ranges from : 498 to $ 3798

Sizes as follows:

viz size




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