Stik box, iPhone case with Selfie Stick for All iPhone models

Stik box , A smart phone cover with selfie stick

Stikbox is a smartphone case that has selfie stick inbuilt in it. With the raising craze of selfie lovers stik box is best choice you may be seeking forward. It has multi-function of Smartphone cover as well as has 30 inches aluminum body fold-able rod that exactly fits in your backside of phone cover in Tetras style.


You can extract the rod, fold and rotate it in any direction to get the best selfie pictures. Some of the areas like Disneyland they have banned selfie stick ,Stik box is the best choice to take best pictures on such scenario.

You can also place it in ground level to watch movies or music videos for both iPhone 6 , iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 plus and 6s Plus.


Key Features:-

  • Brand New Authentic Case
  • New Design mobile case for iPhone 6 and 6S with selfie stick
  • Camouflaged selfie stick tripod 2m selfie stick monopod stik boxs case
  • Camera Use and aluminum Selfie Stick phone case bluetooth selfie stick case for iPhone 6

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