Must have Screen Protector, Tempered Glass for Smartphone iPhone, Samsung

Looking for must have accessory tempered glass protector or complete full screen glass protection for iPhone4,4s,5,5s,5c,6,6s,6+,6s+ or Samsung Galaxy,s3,s4,s5,s6, s6 edge , s7 or s7 edge.Then you are on the right page.

Tempered Glass act as screen protector and is a must have accessory for any smartphone. Generally there are plastic screen protectors vs glass screen protectors among which I personally choose glass protector as it have saved my phone more than 5 times during drops. It act as a solid shield and its amazing features makes your decision that you must have it. The main benefits that can be highlighted with reference to tempered glass protector can be summarized under:

Feel:  It doesn’t feel like a new membrane instead acts as if it was embed already in original such a good and clear feeling owning it.

Anti-scratch: One of the main reason having it is the anti scratch capabilities which surely suppresses the plastic screen which gets scratched easily.

Look: Except for the thickness with some models of iPhone it doesn’t destroys the beauty of your smartphone.

Durability : The tempered glass are so durable and gives so long term durability unless you break it or drop your phone.

Price: The prices are worth you pay. Can help you protect precious smartphone screen from great damage.

If you are looking for any screen protector for your smartphone. Just click the image below that resembles your phone and stay cool,happy and protected.

iPhone 4, iPhone 4s                                                          iPhone 5S/5/5c

4 4s (Mobile)

5s (Mobile)


iPhone 6 6S                                                                      Iphone 6 Plus, 6s Plus
6s (Mobile)6s plus (Mobile)


Samsung S3                                                                         Samsung S4
s3 (Mobile)s4 (Mobile)


Samsung S5                                                                                 Samsung S6

s5 (Mobile)s6 (Mobile)


Samsung S6 Edge                                                                          Samsung S7

s6edge (Mobile)s7 (Mobile)


Samsung S7 Edge full screen protector

s7ed (Mobile)










Image Credit : Amazon Inc.

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