Microsoft back with Nokia 216 model phone for just $37 in Indian Market.

Microsoft back with Nokia 216 model phone for just $37 in Indian Market.

We all know that Microsoft has already sold the Nokia brand but to every one surprise recently Microsoft said it will be launching a new Nokia phone targeting Indian market. As the Indian market has more cellphone user than united states and each year the number is increasing, Microsoft with new Nokia phone want to capture the low pricing segment of Indian market

Nokia was one of the biggest and cheapest brand some few years ago and with the raising competition and advancement in technology and with the entry of iPhone and Samsung in the market, Nokia’s charm fade away gradually. Now we can hardly see Nokia mobile phone in the hand of people.

Microsoft sold the Nokia in 2013 to a subsidiary of Foxconn, which is the largest electronics manufacturer in the world for approx.US$350 millions. But again with the rising demand of cheaper phone in the market and that gap being fulfilled by low cost Chinese and Indian brands phone Microsoft might like to capture the low cost or cheaper subscriber. Microsoft(Nokia) is a renowned brand and with the return of the bigger brand in market ,obviously customer’s preference or priority will be to the international brand rather to cheaper Indian or Chinese Brand.

So what new in the Nokia phone then, there might be the thought in your mind and what about the price? Don’t worry we will reveals everything to you.

Nokia 216 model




This Microsoft (Nokia 216)phone will be just $37 pretty much cheaper and has camera of 0.03 MP lower than the iPhone back in 2007 and resolution of 320×240  which  is also worse than TVs  from 90s.It only has 2.5G connection speed, really !! Whereas nowadays Smartphone’s has rivalry on 4G technology.

That’s why it’s only $37. It is not competing with the top brands but want to conquer the cheaper seeking customer which is still in the Indian market.

It is rumored that Nokia 216 model to be launched in 24th oct 2017 in Indian market. Let’s see will the last attempt of Microsoft will be a wise decision or just a failure like previous one.





Information and image Source:- Microsoft and Nokia




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