Mc Donalds VR is a Happy Meal Box. Meal Box into VR.

Happy Goggles,MC donalds VR sweden Available from March 5 to March 12. Price $4.10 (Mc Donald)

How about enjoying meal first and knowing the world of Virtual Reality (VR)??

Mc Donald in Sweden has come up with new kid’s toy of Happy Meal Box that can be turned intomcdon2 Virtual Reality Headsets (VR).You can Flip the box over to change it into Virtual Reality Gear easily. It is called Happy Goggles.

The Headset works with the game “Se Upp I Backen”,which means “Watch out on the Slopes” and it is tied with Swedish holiday called Sportlov where families traditionally goes on skinning trips. MC Donald Says that the game is officially endorsed by the Swedish Alpine Ski Team.

Jeff Jackett, marketing director at MC Donald Sweden says Happy Goggles are way for parents and kids connect.

Parents can learn more about children’s knowledge and experience of the digital world and purposeful gaming can be great joint activity that helps families interact on equal terms, he added.

The VR device will be available from March 5 to March 12 and the price is about $4.10.

For now you will have to take a flight to give the Goggles a go, but if they are hit in Scandinavia, they are planning to roll out with Wider Audience.

With the world renowned Fast Food company Mc Donald’s interest on the Virtual Reality gears we can assume that how Virtual Reality is going for bigger sensation in technology market around the world.

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