JVE multifunctional Case

Either you are a drinker or a smoker or a photographer. This case has all the things you need in a single case.  The case is little bulky which is a con but isn’t it so cool that you light your cigarette or open your beer case or keep it in tripod stand for panoramas or timelapse. It resembles a army look and you feel like you are carrying a big device. I am currently using it but with the lighter coil inbuilt i like it pretty much. It adds to what i generally like. If you are the one looking for multifunctional case for your phone.A built in lighter case, tripod stand and a bottle opener. Check out below links for your iPhone smartphone choice.

Iphone 6s Plus Case, Zve Multifunctional
iPhone 6s Case, ZVE Multifunctional

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