With Apple celebrating its 48th birthday on April 1st 2017. It has made available the most powerful smallest iPhone ever created. Apple has 1 billion active devise in the world and to add to it, Apple launched iPad pro and iPhone Se this March 2017. So what’s in the new iPhone SE and iPad pro.

Here is what you are looking for all you need to know.

iPhone SE

iPhone SE is simply the compact and most powerful smallest iPhone ever created. In looks it iphone se2resembles the previous iPhone 5s. It has a aluminum design with matte chamfered finish. The iPhone SE comes in colors same as iPhone 6s Gold, Silver, Space Gray and Rose Gold. iPhone SE has inset stainless steel Apple logo and constitutes of advanced technologies.

iPhone SE has has the most advanced technologies which makes it the most powerful four inch phone. It has A9 chip along with M9 motion coprocessor and the speed is double than the previously launched iPhone 5S. It has graphichs and capabilities same as 6S.iPhone Se has been reformed with enhanced battery .

Camera: 12 megapixels iSight focus pixel with true tone flash.

Panorama: 63MP

SLo-Mo, Time Lapse, Live photos

Facetime Retina HD With flash for wonderful selfies even in darker environments.

To make the selfies best it uses the brightness from screen which is 3 times brighter than normal while using the selfies from front Camera.

The LTE is enhanced with speed 50% greater than iPhone 5S which definitely is a great speed.

Call quality for voice over,Touch ID, Apple pay through NFC radio.

This is simply the best and a very good choice for those looking for small yet powerful phone.

Price :

399 for 16 GB

499 for 64 GB.

Keep following this page for getting the product at the mentioned rate.


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