iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Review

Apple has launched its newest smart phone in market with a tagline of “the only thing that has changed  is everything”.It’s newest phone is iphone 6s .Apple has been the leader in the world of smart phone and the new innovation had made it top among all smart phones. the user wait throught the year for september to come to see the new version of apples smart phone with new improvement and many more.It dont have any new features regarding its physical appearance .But some subtle differences can be seen such as its thickness and a little more heft with a small s logo on back that makes it more attractive . It is good looking with a chassis  made up of 7000 series aluminium which is strongest than other iphone chassis.

Iphone 6s is much more attractive in hands with a 4.7 inch screenand a good resolution of 750P. Its display is clear bright and laminated to glass.It had 3D touch introduced  for first time in cell phonesthat had added more smartness in phone. The live photo  has been the better option to use camera to capture story behind photograph. It has ios 9 which is better with the use of A9 chip that runs faster .it has improved camera of 12 Mp .The modified ios9  has upgraded apple music that makes easier to create playlistand maildrops option allows you to attach larger file.

Some reviews points that makes its value go less such that its battery life is less with compared to other smartphone that compete with iphone6s Its RAM is less and price is higher than other phones .The 3D touch had to be pressed harder .On other reviews live photo option doesn’t works as smoothly as. it should be is reported.

Despite all pros and cons Apple sold 48 millions of iPhone 6s and 6s plus in its fourth quarter as compared to third quarter of 2015.

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