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After Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ Apple on March 2017 launched yet another one in the family. iPad Pro 9.7-inch inch with retina display. The iPad Pro weighs less than 1 pound. The new iPad Pro 9.7-inch inch is small enough to carry and big enough to do your task.With over 1 million iPad apps over the app store the iPad pro 9.7 inch is so powerful iPad ever created. As per apple there are over 600 million personal computers whicha re over 5 years old and iPad Pro 9.7-inch can be a smart and a powerful switch from your old PC to this wonderful and awesome experience.

ipad pro 9.7

iPad Pro 9.7-inch has display with oxide TFT with custom timing controller and power efficient features. The photo alignment is so perfect. iPad pro is brightest tablet in the world with 500 nits of light which no other has. The iPad pro 9.7 inch is 40% less reflective with reference to others. And also features popular feature Night Shift which changes the color of your screen so as to adjust the night mode which as suggested helps some of you to get sleep avoiding the unnecessary color of light to disturb you. iPad Pro has 25% greater color saturation.

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Some exciting features:

True Tone Display:  This is the first of its kind feature and a really cool one. What it does is it measures the color temperature of ambient light and adjust the display to match its surrounding and the color cast is according to the color temperature which makes you feel like you are reading the physical paper rather than the iPad which makes it a completely natural feel while holding it to your surrounding it be beach or your room or a garden., it adjust according to color temperature. Cool one, isn’t it!!

Pro Audio: With 4 speakers that adjust the sound as you move.

Apple Pencil: With apple pencil you can use your iPad in range of ways. It neglects the palm of your hand while using the pencil recognizing the pressure.

Camera : 12 MP iSight Camera

Video : Watch and shoot 4K videos and multiple 4k videos edit via iMovie

It comes with A9 Chip and motion M9 coprocessor.


iPad Pro is the best personal computing machine.


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