Cheap and Best Tablets for Kids and Seniors

Tablets for seniors or kids can be a hassel with increasing devices and lots of option, if you are firelooking for cheaper yet a brilliant Tablets then Amazon  Fire can be the best choice. With price of just $49.99 you get what you pay for. Tablets with 7 inch screen and 8Gb storage with micro SD support upto 128 GB and 1.3GHz quad core processor. If you are looking for a fast operating machine than it may not be perfect but considering the price of just $49.99 it is awesome. The screen resolutions are not so high.It comes in options with sponsored ads lockscreen and for $15 addition you can remove it. Choose from the accessories for a micro SD storage or the covers and cases you desire.

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Pros for Fire

  • Cheaper Price
  • Good Battery Backup ( Upto 7 hrs of reading,surfing, music listening)
  • For $49.99 best value tablet

Cons of Fire

  • Not so fast
  • Low resolution screen

Verdict for Fire

If you looking for a budget and best tablets Fire can be the best value Tablets that you can buy.

Buy Amazon fire and see reviews here


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