How to calculate a power bank’s real capacity?

Besides of Smart Phone companies working on giving massive battery backup, their supply are still not sufficient for the smart phone users, they are always seeking some extra battery backup. We are not always reachable for a place to plug our phones to get fully charged. With lots of games, application there is always short of battery backup to the users. So Power Bank is one of the best solutions to the problem. These Power Banks are portable and you can carry them with very little space in your hand carry or even fits in your pocket.

How to calculate a power bank’s real capacity?
Calculation of ‘Real Capacity’ of power bank capacity x 0.74x 0.85

For Example:

10000 mAh power bank. 10000x.74x.85 = 6290 mAh

(This will be your average /standard output of 10000 mAh power bank) assuming it to be 85% efficient. 10000x.74x .90= 6660 mAh (90 = 90% efficient .85 = 85%)

What is efficiency?

In simple terms, Layman terms, there are losses in transfer from one battery to another on common losses being due to circuit losses. So, in reality a 10000 mAh power bank will give below 6500 mAh capacity. That means a Note 3 battery of 3000/3200 mah can be charged only twice or an Ipad retina (6400 mAh odd) can be charged fully once. This is the procedure how power bank actually works on.


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