Best Selfie Stick 2017 for iPhone,Samsung

Among most selfie sticks available on the market or shopping on Amazon. Looq DG is one of the best selfie stick. We here present you with the selfie stick review for android or IOS.

Loved to pout and take selfies or welfies and share it through your social media pages like Facebookselfds, Instagram, Twitter etc. You have seen so many people taking most beautiful selfies and sharing it in their social networking sites, and wished you too want to be popular among your friends.

The best gadget innovation of 2015 was selfie stick, a long stick where you attach your Smartphone and take beautiful pictures of your own or your groups. Selfie is the most popular form of photography and selfie stick provides wider angle to take selfie pictures. Selfie stick is the most popular among youngster who loves Camping, Adventure Trips, Hiking and Photography bloggers.

Why selfie stick required?? Why not using Arms for Selfie?? selfie stick are the device that holds your smart phones for taking pictures .Selfie Stick can extend to a greater distance that avoids the “head filling the shot” look, and it gives you more control of how much of the background makes it into your image. An extended arm will be visible in a selfie, but a properly positioned selfie stick will give perfect shot.

Looq DG Selfie Stick

Looq DG is one of best selfie stick among many other known selfie sticks Looq DG’s biggest strength is it is connected with wire and it eliminates the need for charging or batteries without adding any complexity. It extends to a longer length and collapses to a shorter one and weighs very looq dgfew. It works with any latest iPhone or Android phone, even holding large devices such as the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note Series. Connecting the Looq DG to an iPhone or Android phone is really as easy as it gets. A coiled cable emerges from where the stick’s extendable metal pole meets the plastic phone cradle; the other end of that cable hosts a 3.5mm plug that fits into the handset’s headphone jack. A button on the stick’s handle emulates the volume-up button on a set of headphones with an inline remote, thus triggering the shutter-release feature on your phone’s camera app. (If the camera app isn’t open, pressing the button on the handle of the stick increases the volume.) Taking photos works identically to using a camera app on the phone itself, shooting as instantaneously as if you’d tapped directly on the phone’s screen.

When shortened the Looq DGis about an inch shorter than the average of the selfie sticks at 12 inches, and it extends to the greatest length (45.5 inches, compared to the average of just less than 41 inches). The pole doesn’t extend and collapse as smoothly as a few other models, but Looq DGdoesn’t put up an objectionable amount of resistance, and it stays where you put it, regardless of length. The range of weights is nearly 4.8 to 5.2 ounces. 

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