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Are you in search for a cheap yet best projectors with review either you be a student or for a business.Here we present top best projectors which are affordable and has best features. The best of which is value of what you buy. So here we go….

Audio Visual Memory is the best memory for the students, what they learn from visual, last for longer in their memory. So today’s schools, college, Universities use projectors to teach their students which is one of the best practices by the best educational institution in the world.

Students feel the long lasting lectures boring, frustrating and cannot even concentrate in their classroom which results in low scoring in academics, depression and ultimately ruins the future of the students. Audio Visual Teaching method is best practice on the today’s world.

There are lots of classroom projectors which claim they are best, cheapest and still cost lots of dollars and which are not even productive and easy to handle and have nasty setup procedure. So we will provide you top, best Educational Purpose Projectors which totally provides you satisfaction and helps to increase your student’s productivity.

Best Classroom Projectors for Schools, colleges and Universities

  1. Optoma S316 (not HD)

Optoma S316 is one of the best choices as it comes up with better choice which has great brightnessoptoma and top Picture Quality with resolution-HDMI compatible and easy to handle which comes up with inbuilt speakers. Optoma S316 doesn’t comprise vertical and horizontal lens shift adjustment with normal zoom functionality as we are not talking for Home theatre use but for educational purpose.

Resolution: 800 x 600 (3D compatible)

Image Contrast Ratio: 20,000:1

Brightness: 3,200 lumen

The Pros of Optoma S316:-

  • Affordable
  • Best for educational Purpose( Presentation/slideshows)

The Cons of Optoma S316:-

  • Audio Issue
  • Not good for gaming and movies.

Verdict for Optoma S316 :-
It comprises outstanding brightness and color accuracy for most impactful presentations and has low operating cost – Up to 10,000 hours lamp life.It features full 3D compatibility with  Wireless presentation capability via optional VGA dongle and Top loading lamp.


More tech specs

Price: $299.99


  1. ViewSonic PJD5132 (not HD)

ViewSonic is a great brand name for the classroom purpose. ViewSonic is cheaper in price but haveviewsonic all the key features so use in the educational purpose. There are other many products of ViewSonic among which View Sonic PJD5132 is a best choice looking for the price and features.the major drawback is it doesnot support HDMI inputs. Even it is not so good for gaming and movies but far better choice for indoor classroom purpose and is one of top selling products in educational institution

Resolution: 800 x 600 (3D compatible)

Image Contrast Ratio: 15,000:1

Brightness: 3,000 lumen

The Pros of View Sonic PJD5132:-

  • Dynamic ECO Technology
  • Stand By mode Reducing 30% brightness
  • Multiple PC and video Input methods
  • Lightweight helps to use in table as well as on ceiling
  • Energy Saving ECO mode

The Cons OF View Sonic PJD5132:-

  • Not Useful for Gaming and HD movies
  • No support High Definition Resolution
  • Integrated speaker are less Audible
  • Still have other better choice in our website (decidewhatyoubuy)

Verdict for View Sonic PJD5132:-
This projector offers a variety of hardware and software features including multiple PC and video input options, 1.1x optical zoom, keystone correction, PC 3D-ready/120Hz, support HD signal and integrated speaker. Filter-less design and energy-saving eco mode provide for virtually zero maintenance and product reliability.

More tech specs

Price:  $419


  1. ViewSonic PJD5134 (not HD)

The ViewSonic PJD5134 is the next model up from the PJD5132 and is the best selling viewsonic 5134projector on Amazon. ViewSonic PJD5134 popularity stems from the low price point, solid technical specs and support for HDMI. ViewSonic PJD5134 provides decent image quality and a good range of connectivity choices as a budget-priced, low-resolution portable data projector. Other choices may wow you with better image quality, but the ViewSonic PJD5134 offers a good mix of low price, portability, brightness, connectivity, and image quality suitable for typical business and classroom presentations.

Resolution: 800 x 600 (3D compatible)

Image Contrast Ratio: 15,000:1

Brightness: 3,000 lumen

The pros of ViewSonic PJD5134:-

  • Affordable Price
  • 3years warranty
  • Decent image and good connectivity choices
  • Good lamp life
  • Lightweight and portable

The Cons of ViewSonic PJD5134 :-

  • Rainbow effect
  • No carrying Case
  • Not HD supporting
  • Poor Audio Quality

Verdict for ViewSonic PJD5134:-

ViewSonic PJD5134 provides SVGA (800-by-600) native resolution, at a 4:3 aspect ratio and is reasonably bright at a rated 2,800 lumens. It has a good set of connections for a budget portable projector—two VGA-in ports (which double as component video) and one VGA-out port; audio-in and audio-out jacks; S-video; an RCA composite video jack; a USB mini type B port for remote mouse control; and an HDMI port.

The projector measures 3.3 by 10.6 by 8.7 inches (HWD) and is lightweight at 4.6 pounds, though it lacks a carrying case. The lens has a modest zoom (1.1x) ring and a focus ring; both were responsive, and it is easy enough to bring the projector to a good focus.

More tech specs

Price:  $545


  1. BenQ MS524 (not HD))

BenQ MS524 projector is one of the best choices for both School and Business for least


budget user and wants to enhance their productivity or performance via Audio Visual presentation.

Resolution: 800 x 600 (3D compatible)

Image Contrast Ratio: 13,000:1

Brightness: 3,200 lumen

The Pros of BenQ MS524

  • Affordable Price
  • Light weight
  • Good lamp Life
  • Good Brightness

The Cons of BenQ MS524

  • Less Quality Sound
  • Less Input Choices

Verdict for BenQ MS524: –
The BenQ MS524 offers good brightness and solid data-image quality in a low-priced SVGA data projector. BenQ MS524 has a basic set of ports: two VGA-in ports (which double as component video); one VGA monitor-out port; an HDMI port; an RCA jack for composite video; an S-video port; one audio-in and one audio-out jack; and an RS232 jack. There’s also a mini USB Type B port for connecting with a computer for downloads and page up/down.

More tech specs

Price: $299


  1. Epson VS230(not HD)

Epson is another leading name in classroom projectors and the Epson VS230 is among their most epsonpopular. With a one of finest features and HDMI connectivity .It has best picture quality which gives realistic image. It provides 3x brighter color which enhances your presentation in your conference room or class room report presentation.


Resolution: 800 x 600

Image Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1

Brightness: 2,800 lumen

The Pros of Epson VS230:-

  • Bright light output
  • More USB ports
  • Greater Audio Output
  • Light Weight (Hence Portable)
  • DVI connector
  • Much affordable price
  • Best Comparing other low price Projector

The Cons of Epson VS230:-

  • No Higher Resolution (not HD)
  • Only from Official or Educational Purpose(not best for Home Theatre use)
  • No zoom
  • Low Aspect Ratio 4:3 compared to other 16:9or wider.

Verdict for Epson VS230:
It is one of the best choices to make as comparing other low budgeted projector for official use. It has extended Lamp life 5000 hrs at full power and 6000hrs at ECO mode enabled (approx) and comes with one year warranty facility. You won’t regret by selecting Epson VS230 as it one of most preferred projector among other cheap /expensive products.


More tech specs

Price:  $384.79


  1. Epson EX7230 Pro(not HD)

Epson EX7230 Pro offers a higher resolution (although not HD) than all of the previous epson2classroom projectors. It provides better image quality and best for both data and video purpose. It requires WI-FI LAN Module to connect wirelessly and also you can connect to you smart phones via MHL cable.


Resolution: 1366 x 768

Image Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1

Brightness: 3,000 lumen

The Pros Epson EX7230 Pro:-

  • Best picture Quality
  • Greater Performance in modest light
  • Easy setup – Beautiful colors even on a non-white wall
  • Light and Portable
  • Higher Resolution

The Cons Epson EX7230 Pro:-

  • wireless mode but difficult to setup
  • Still Better Products compared to.

Verdict for Epson EX7230 Pro: –
It comprises 3x Brighter Colors, and reliable performance – 3LCD, 3-chip technology with both high color brightness and high white brightness. The EX7230 Pro has Color Brightness – 3000 lumens and White Brightness 3000 lumens. Epson EX7230 Pro has widescreen HD, WXGA resolution and advanced connectivity. All digital HDMI connectivity connects to the latest devices, including MHL-enabled smart phones.

More tech specs

Price:  $470.04


  1. Optoma HD141X (HD)

The First HD resolution projector in our list of classroom or office purpose projector with top-optoma2end resolution and crystal clear contrast this is great option if you are looking for a more modern future-proof piece of equipment. Optoma HD141X is also useful for home theatre purpose with 1080p resolution which gives HD quality which mesmerizes your movies experience both 2D and 3D.

Resolution: Full HD 1080p – 1920 x 1080 (3D compatible)

Image Contrast Ratio: 20,000:1

Brightness: 3,000 lumen

The Pros Optoma HD141X

  • Full HD Resolution(1080p) on both 2D and 3D
  • Two HDMI connector, One for Mobile High Definition Link (MHL)
  • Fine picture quality with good contrast

The Cons Optoma HD141X 

  • Some Issues of image quality problem on brightest mode
  • Rainbow artifacts are known

Verdict for Optoma HD141X: – It is selling point is HD resolution and two HDMI connector which make the installation permanent for both media player device and your laptops or smart phones. Optoma HD141X’s higher resolution picture quality can even supplement/replace your old TV sets.

More tech specs

Price: $549



  1. RIF6 CUBE(not HD)

RIF6 CUBE is small and portable projector. It is useful for teachers and trainer who has to moverif6c a lot for presentation and conferences. Its small size and portable features make it unique among bigger size projector which is difficult to carry on. Imagine How it feels to watch movies or games from your iphone6 screen  to 120 inch wall of your room or in your camping?? Isn’t it mesmerizing experience??How about naming it best iPhone projector when you show it to freiends.

Resolution: 854 x 480

The Pros RIF6 CUBE:-

  •  Compact and nice looking mini projector
  • Great picture quality
  • Amazing connectivity to other devices
  • Incredibly bright picture
  • Great size and portability


The Cons RIF6 CUBE:-

  • Low sound from Inbuilt speaker
  • Outdated menus bottoms
  • Less Features
  • Very small in size
  • Useful in low light area


Verdict for RIF6 CUBE:-
The projector features LED digital based lighting with a lifespan of 20,000 hours of 50-Lumen playback. RIF6 CUBEuses DLP Brilliant Color technology for richer and more natural colors. With the Micro HDMI connection, this tiny box can project images at 854 x 480 up to 120 inches. To get connected to you iPhone you need Lightening Digital AV Adapter which might cost you little extra.

More tech specs

Price: $279



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