Best Bluetooth Wireless Earphones to Buy Today

Earphones have been part of daily life. But if you are looking for best and top Bluetooth earphones according to your budget and choice. With all the ranges from cheaper to expensive. With best quality earphones, earbuds to the one that fulfills your requirement. We have collected some of the most selling earphones along with earphone reviews. You are looking at the right page.

Let us see the benefits and uses of these Bluetooth enabled earphone and earbuds. Being cord free it is a must have smart ear accessory for your daily use. With low energy consumption and freedom for running, driving and workouts you can definitely make great use of these Bluetooth earbuds and earphones. Bluetooth enabled earphones give you freedom from holding your phone. And now the Bluetooth earphones come with style and you can find affordable Bluetooth earphones with power of style in your choice. Reasons you should not buy Bluetooth earphones was most due to sound quality. But now you can choose from variety of products as earphones come with bass boosting technology and noise cancellation technology so you don’t have to go choosing earphones with cord. And another factor for not choosing Bluetooth earphones was due to the battery issues which has been a major factor. But now you have the choice for all day long battery life in Bluetooth earphones. So here we go with different Bluetooth earphones for your choice from expensive to cheaper Bluetooth earphones.

Powerbeats 2

With earlier price to $199 and now to $144.94 this earphone is a lightweight, sports earphone powerbeatswhich is sweat proof too. Powerbeats 2comes with the hook and different earbud covers so as you can adjust the right one for perfect seal as per your need. It has a very clean and loud voice with 5-6 hours of battery charge. Powerbeats 2works well with the sports setting or noisy environment. Powerbeats 2can be one of safest pick if you are looking for a good Bluetooth earphone. The Powerbeats con we find is the price however Beats with brand image and features it offers, it can be considered if price is not an issue with you. Another con with it is Powerbeats 2doesn’t shut downs automatically when disconnected.

Pros of Powerbeats 2

  • Sweat resistant
  • Great sound and Bass
  • Perfect Fit

Cons of Powerbeats 2

  • A bit expensive (Well! we are talking about beats here..Hehe)
  • Auto off feature absent when disconnected.

Verdict for Powerbeats 2

Well with excellent design, perfect fit for workouts and trainings and great bass and sound it is one of best wireless earphones in market.

Bestfy QY7

Yet another in the list Bestfy QY7 is one of the best you can buy in cheaper price with excellent quality. QY7 isbestfy a sweat proof with noise cancellation features which definitely can be your good choice for running, jogging, cycling etc.The design is pretty cool woth smooth silicon gel surface and with variety of earbud options there is always a good fit for your ears. Bestfy QY7 feels comfortable to wear and is pleasant in ears which definitely is a must have for earbuds.Battery is pretty good with 6 hours of backup and you can enjoy your earphone seamlessly. Bestfy QY7 supports iPhone,iPad and other iOS device along with Android platform. Theis device also features easy controls for music like previous or next, volume up won control options aling with inbuilt microphone.Backed up with warranty from Bestfy is added benefit. Isnt it cool.It is relatively cheaper and is recommended for those looking for budget bluetooth earphones.

Check out features, price and full reviews.

Axgio Vigour

Axgio Vigourcan be referred as cheap and best earbuds with good battery and a strong hold. Theaxigo inbuilt ear strips make Axgio Vigourcomfortable and makes a rigid hold in your ears. The battery life is awesome and the music is great. While connected to phone and if somebody calls Axgio Vigour will tell the number which is pretty cool during workout or jogging when you are not seeing the phone. It works flawlessly  and also reduces external noise. Relatively cheap but it gives you the best output for what you pay for. With different sized earbuds while you buy it fits perfectly in your ears. Using Axgio Vigour has not been any issue till date and compatibility with all iOS and Android is sure to make you go rocking with Axgio Vigourbluetooth earphone.I would say great quality and best price for Axgio Vigourbluetooth earphone.
Check out features, price and full reviews.

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