All about Night shift in IOS

If you are among the one who is unable to use night shift. Then you have landed in right page with all the fix for nightnight shift shift. Night shift allows you to reduce the blue light emitted from screen for a cooler and eye friendly display. Also, some report that night shift is able to make you to sleep if you are one who goes to bed along with your mobile.

How to turn on Night Shift?

On your iPhone

Go to Settings

Display &Brightness

Click On Night Shift mode.


night shift display


If you want scheduled > choose time frame from and To.

Or you can enable it manually till next day.

You can adjust color temperature to less warm or warmer according to need using the slider.

What if Night Shift isn’t working?

  1. Make sure you have IOS 9.3.
  2. Make sure you haven’t scheduled night shift.
  3. Go to Settings > Battery > and turn off Low Power Mode

Hopefully this will help your issue. If you are facing issues. Kindly let us know in below comments.

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